Term Paper Draft

Structure your term paper draft as follows:

I. Introduction
Introduce your topic from a sociological perspective. Why is this an interesting and important topic in sociology of science and technology? Preview the logic of the analysis you will present. (2-3 paragraphs)

II. Synthesis of the Literature
Introduce your key sociological concepts and discuss how the literature uses them to illuminate your topic. You will need at least eight sociological sources -- journal articles and book chapters. You may use additional sources to describe the topic, such as news stories or reports of professional organizations. The most important part of this section is synthesis -- making the material from the sources work together to tell a sociological story -- rather than to serially present the citations. (6-8 paragraphs)

III. Discussion
What can you add to the synthesis of the literature? Extend the logic of the analysis you've presented to say something novel about the topic. How does the sociological study of this topic help us understand science and technology in the contemporary world? End the discussion with the identification of at least one question for further research (and explain why you identified this follow up question -- where do we go from here?). (6-8 paragraphs)

Email me the draft of your paper as a Word, Pages, OpenOffice or PDF document, so that I may add comments and suggestions.

dr.timothy @ shortell.nyc